We are no longer updating our datasets, and the last day of available data is Dec 31, 2020.

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User guides for QuantQuote market data and software.

This page contains publicly available documentation for our various products. Some detailed technical specifications and code samples are only available to QuantQuote customers and can be found by logging into the client area. If more details are required beyond what is available online, please contact support for additional information.


Title Download Doc. No.
QuantEDGE – Technical Brief QuantEDGE_Overview.pdf 3062-1
QuantQuote - Minute Resolution Data QuantQuote_Minute.pdf 3058-7
QuantQuote - Second Resolution Data QuantQuote_Second.pdf 3063-1
QuantQuote - Complete Symbol List symbol_map_comnam.csv --
TickMAP - Symbol Change Tracking TickMAP_Overview.pdf 3061-1
Technical Specifications – TickView Quote TickView_Historical_Quotes.pdf 3060-1
Technical Specifications – TickView Trade TickView_Historical_Trades.pdf 3059-1
Product Overview – TickView Live Feed TickView_Overview.pdf 3064-2

Sample Data

Name Link
Sample Minute Data SPY_MINUTE_TRADEv2.csv
Sample Second Data 1 SPY_SECOND_TRADEv2.csv
Sample Tick Data (Trade Only) 1 SPY_TICK_TRADEv2.csv

Note: Actual data will not contain the header in the first line.

1 Second and Tick data is delivered by default in QuantEDGE compressed binaries. Here, sample files are provided in plain text for readability. For sample QuantEDGE format files and code to read QuantEDGE files on your system, please email sales