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QuantQuote Trading Simulator

Realistic trade simulation without all the overhead.

The QuantQuote Trading Simulator is a one of a kind product offering truly realistic trade simulation without costly setup or investment. There are many situations where a simple walk forward backtest using incomplete historical data is insufficient. The QuantQuote Trading Simulator helps to correctly test models, without the large time and money commitment required to set up a full fledged testing platform independently. Most importantly, the QuantQuote Trading Simulator properly accounts for many sources of bias left out in other backtesting software. This is essential to avoid costly surprises after the commencement of live trading. Our trade simulator offers the following:

  • Access to live market data via TickView.
  • Assess the impact of bid/ask spread on market orders.
  • Ability to replay historical market data and simulate trades on days in the past. Our proprietary replay software is high optimized and capable of playing back extremely busy trading periods without falling behind.
  • Accounts for latency at any step of the trading process. Our simulator generates fills based on the time a quote or trade is received, not the time it is generated at the exchange, eliminating inaccuracies due to the time it takes a quote to travel to your computer. Additional latency can be added in to simulate a computer located further away from the exchange. Furthermore, latency can be added into our ultra-fast trading platform to simulate slower trading platforms or the time it takes a trade message to reach the exchange.
  • Fills are generated realistically. For instance, out of sequence trades will not be used to trigger fills. If a trade is submitted to the BATS exchange, only BATS trades will be used to determine fills. Our simulator also accounts for hard to borrow, non-shortable, and halted conditions.

The QuantQuote simulator also provides extensive cost savings for funds in the start up stage. Typically, tens of thousands of dollars, along with months (if not years) of time need to be invested before a realistic simulation framework can be independently developed. These costs do not include market data charges, exchange fees, server colocation costs, and all of the associated paperwork. With the QuantQuote Trade Simulator, these costly and time consuming steps can be skipped, allowing your firm to focus solely on developing models and generating alpha.

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