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Massively parallel platform for high frequency trading

QuantQuote's SuperTrader is an innovative high frequency trading platform designed from the ground up to be parallel on many levels. The culmination of over two years of continuous development, SuperTrader is a comprehensive and fully integrated system containing the following components:

  • Easily modified FIX trading client based on the open source QuickFIX FIX Engine.
  • Full featured, low latency Order Management System
  • Web based monitoring and trading display
  • Interface with TickView live feed and support for third party feeds
  • Market data simulator compatible with TickView historical data
  • Exchange simulator compatible with TickView live feed and third party feeds

SuperTrader provides the complete set of tools required to develop, test, and run a high frequency algorithmic trading strategy, cutting years off of software infrastructure development time, allowing you to go to market right from the start. SuperTrader has been extensively tested and developed with input from a number of prominent Quant hedge funds. Due to several key advantages, SuperTrader is the underlying platform for over a dozen funds trading millions of shares per day. These advantages include:

  • Ability to run simultaneously in live and simulation mode, making it possible to identify in real time behaviors that don't appear in backtests.
  • Ability to replay historical data meaning identical code can be used for live trading and testing.
  • Flexible web monitoring system which can interface with SuperTrader on a software level and execute emergency actions.
  • Parallel design giving maximum performance on multi-core processors.
  • Ability to run multiple strategies simultaneously while sharing the same data feed and brokerage accounts.
  • Built in smart order routing and algorithms which improve fills

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