We are no longer updating our datasets, and the last day of available data is Dec 31, 2020.

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Product Features


QuantQuote's revolutionary TickMAP architecture allows for fully automated corporate event tracking. TickMAP compensates for symbol changes due to spinoffs, mergers, and acquisitions. It also keeps track of dividends and splits allowing for instant adjustment of unadjusted data and vice versa. QuantQuote minute data packages, with the exception of the complete package come standard with all TickMAP adjustments.

The complete package, and some larger custom orders do not come with TickMAP adjustments already performed. Instead, the TickMAP software is provided with the order to perform adjustments on the fly. The TickMAP C++ code is very efficient and easy to use, allowing for symbol mapping and dividend/split adjustment to be done in customer code with minimal overhead. A TickMAP sample code which performs all adjustments on minute data files is also included.

For a full description of TickMAP and its capabilities, please see our TickMAP Whitepaper


All QuantQuote second and tick resolution intraday stock data can be delivered in the QuantEDGE advanced compression format. Minute resolution data is provided in regular text format due to its smaller size. C++ QuantEDGE libraries perform on-the-fly decompression in memory and automatic data loading in a single step for unparalleled performance and ease of use. QuantEDGE is also fully integrated and compatible with TickMAP.

QuantEDGE allows for a 92% reduction in data file size, greatly reducing storage requirements. The binary format combined with decompression in memory actually makes the loading of QuantEDGE format data faster than loading uncompressed text data despite the added processing time from decompression 1. The libraries are platform independent and can be run on most Unix/Linux/OSX systems. QuantEDGE has also been used successfully on Windows 2.

For a full description of TickMAP and its capabilities, please see our QuantEDGE Whitepaper

Note, Second and Tick data can also both be delievered in CSV format.

1 For full testing parameters and conditions, please consult the QuantEDGE Whitepaper

2 Windows usage is not fully supported, but QuantEDGE has been successfully deployed on Windows.

Lifetime Support

At QuantQuote, we stand by our data and we understand data is a long term investment requiring long term maintenance and support. On any data purchase, bugfixes and software updates are always provided free of charge regardless of purchase date. In the customer area, an updated list of errata is available. If at any time an error is found in a dataset you have previously purchased from us, you will be notified via your customer page and a patch will be provided to correct the error. Our dedicated support team is available 7 days a week to answer all inquiries.

Flexible Ordering

Our ordering system is by far the most flexible in the industry allowing for quick creation of complicated packages. Custom packages with low minimums ($25 minimums on all orders) allow you to lower costs by purchasing only the data you need. Our instant quote calculators automatically apply volume discounts and allow you to price out custom orders instantly. Substantial discounts are given on larger custom orders (higher number of symbol-months). For instance, 10 years of minute resolution historical data for 1 stock is $46.75 while 10 symbols is $150.37 reflecting a nearly 70% volume discount.