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Introducing the world's first second resolution historical intraday stock dataset

The world's first second resolution historical intraday stock dataset

For Immediate Release

March 14th, 2012

New York, NY

QuantQuote is proud to announce the immediate availability of the world's first second resolution historical intraday stock dataset. QuantQuote Second Resolution datasets promise to continue the QuantQuote tradition of reliability and excellence while providing a compelling alternative between minute and tick resolution datasets.

In today's fast moving markets, there are many instances where minute resolution data does not suffice. Previously, the only alternative was expensive full tick data, with its associated hardware requirements. QuantQuote Second Resolution datasets now provide a cost effective alternative to tick data. "Frankly, we were quite surprised that second resolution data had never been introduced given its numerous advantages." says Jerry Goldberg, Director of Sales at QuantQuote.

QuantQuote second resolution data is delivered in QuantQuote's revolutionary QuantEDGE compressed binaries and also fully compatible with the highly acclaimed TickMAP libraries. Compared to tick data, the storage size savings can be substantial. For example, on a highly traded instrument like SPY, second resolution data requires less than 25% of the disk space taken by TickView Trade files. "We have found that many customers who have been purchasing tick resolution historical data did not actually need tick resolution for their studies", says Jerry, "second resolution datasets are a good compromise because on many securities, you are not actually losing that much information compared to tick".