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Financial data in Asia

Moving towards a global prescence

May 8th, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan

After twelve years as a premier supplier of US stock market data to thousands of customers worldwide, QuantQuote is entering the international stage with the opening of its first overseas office in Taipei, Taiwan. "We believe that our deep understanding of financial markets, innovative products, and customer satisfaction first policy are traits that will play strongly in international markets", says Jerry Goldberg, QuantQuote's Director of Sales. Located in the bustling center of Taiwan's capital, Taipei, QuantQuote's new office is strategically located near one of Asia's financial centers.

Led by rapidly growing regional economies, there will be a strong shift towards Asia in the coming decade. "QuantQuote's presence in Asia will help put us in the center of the world's next financial Mecca", says Michael Jiang, QuantQuote's director of Asian operations. In the coming months, QuantQuote will be working with regional partners to gain access to the major markets of the region. Already, early stage talks have begun with the Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai stock exchanges and QuantQuote plans to build out its first Asian datacenters by the year's end and begin offering historical Asian equities data soon afterwards.