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Market research at the TeraScale

How the QuantQuote Cloud levels the playing field

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August 16th, 2012

New York, NY

On September 1st, 2012, QuantQuote will launch the QuantCloud service. In the face of every increasing market data volume, storage facilities capable of holding tens of terabytes are now required to save and analyze market data. The hardware costs and specialized system administration know how can easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, putting high resolution data beyond the reach of all but the largest institutions.

QuantQuote seeks to level the playing field by drastically reducing hardware and system administration costs by creating a shared Cloud based platform for market research. QuantCloud will operate on a subscription based model where each user is given a memory, CPU, disk I/O, and bandwidth allocation. In times of low load, the allocations will dynamically increase to give maximum utilization of resources at all times. By using QuantQuote owned and maintained hardware with costs split amongst multiple users, individual costs are much reduced.

"We estimate yearly cost savings of $50,000-$100,000 for most users" says Kevin Lu, chief System Architect at QuantQuote, "most of that from eliminating the need for a full time system administrator and savings from sharing colocation and bandwidth costs". In addition, QuantCloud users will have access to the full range of QuantQuote software tools such as the highly acclaimed TickMAP and QuantEDGE libraries. The availability of these tools will make data processing much easier and save customers months of work. "QuantCloud is an ambitious undertaking", says Jerry Goldberg, Director of Sales at QuantQuote, "but we are confident the undeniable advantages it provides with pave the way to success".


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