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QuantQuote is the only market data company that provides solutions for the full spectrum of clients. This means even small individual traders can get the same top quality stock market data QuantQuote provides to large banks and hedge funds. As a result QuantQuote has a much larger user base compared to most market data providers, meaning more pairs of eyes cross-checking our data. These additional cross checks, along with our proven software for detecting exchange glitches, have led to one of the cleanest datasets in existence. Choosing QuantQuote data ensures that your data needs are correctly met the first time around, ultimately saving time and money.

Over the years, QuantQuote has supplied data to thousands of satisfied customers including:

  • Small individual traders
  • Proprietary trading groups
  • Hedge Funds
  • Universities
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Fortune 500 banks and financial institutions
  • Central Banks (US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank)

Each customer no matter how small or large benefits from one of the most responsive sales and support teams in the industry and our unique lifetime support on all products.