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Corporate Overview

We are a leading provider of market data solutions for quantitative trading and analysis.

Our History

The market data specialists on the QuantQuote team have been closely involved in quantitative finance since the late 90's when the algorithmic trading revolution began to take off. Starting from our roots as the in-house market data and trading infrastructure division for a number of Chicago based hedge funds, QuantQuote has always had a view of market data from the user's perspective. The result has been products designed for traders by traders, combining unparalleled quality and completeness with ease of use not matched by any other market data provider.

In the 2000's, QuantQuote's close involvement with day to day trading operations led to an early realisation of the ascent of Unix/Linux based platforms in the high frequency trading space. Following this, QuantQuote became one of the first data providers to come out with a natively Linux based platform, a tradition proudly continued to this day across all product lines.

Expansion and Growth

In 2008, QuantQuote was spun off as a completely independent firm with its own management team. Over the next couple years, QuantQuote grew rapidly as it began to provide historical and realtime intraday market data to an increasing number of trading groups and hedge funds. In the process, data acquisition capabilities grew tremendously and QuantQuote perfected the technical aspects of low latency, high throughput feed streaming.

Also in 2008, QuantQuote was made available to individual traders for the first time and our historical intraday stock data offerings were released. Later that year, Jerry Goldberg joined the executive team as Director of Sales, bringing with him a decade of market data sales experience and an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Under his direction, QuantQuote introduced a lifetime guarantee on all data packages. Today, despite the large increase in publicly available data products, QuantQuote continues to offer lifetime support on all products at no charge.

The Present

Today, QuantQuotes' datasets are used extensively for rigorous backtesting of strategies, requiring an unprecedented level of completeness and accuracy. This high standard, coupled with years of continuous customer feedback, has led to one of the most accurate datasets in existence.

QuantQuote continues to stay a market leader through the expansion of product lines, providing more value for all our customers, from the smallest individual trader to the largest financial institutions.